Sunday, December 09, 2007

the State of Things

ONE So, slightly new look to the ol' blog. I've always been pretty insistent that Blogger Beware keep everything very low-rent, but the hits have been going up and I figured it couldn't hurt to jazz it up a bit-- Fool all these new readers into thinking we're as upscale as an apartment in a Woody Allen movie.

TWO I have successfully obtained a small stock of Goosebumps 2000 books, ensuring this blog will last well-through the new year. I'm thinking I'll work my way through the rest of the "actual" Goosebumps books and "special" editions first, then do some sort of "wrap up" (best endings, worst prose, etc) on the series-proper, then go through the Series 2000 books in order. Following that, if I dare, I'll hit up those new new forthcoming Goosebumps books Stine is threatening consumers with... unless anyone wants to make a convincing argument otherwise.

THREE There will probably be a few updates sprinkled throughout dealing more generally with the rest of RL Stine's oeuvre, mainly so I can have a chance to read this

which looks like it should be adapted and airing on Cinemax at 2AM.

FOUR Speaking of updates, by popular demand, January will be Monster Blood Month! Get the word out.

I'm not allowing comments on this post, but you can talk about these things in the comments for tomorrow's update-- or not, I'm not telling you what to do.