Sunday, April 13, 2008

Do, A 'Main, A Web Domain

Update your bookmarks, the blog is now accessible via
This easy-to-remember URL witnessing tool shall help you convert thousands of new readers in everyday conversation. Some examples:

Scenario One: A Social Party
Dinner Guest: I think 'Tippi' Hedren could have really been something.
You: You know what's already something?
Dinner Guest: Is that URL about 'Tippi' Hedren?
You: Yes, it is.
Dinner Guest: Oh good, I'm going to tell my Yahoo Groups friends about this!

Scenario Two: The Big Foot Ball Game
Foot Ball Fan: These bleachers sure do get cold in December!
You: It's April.
Foot Ball Fan: I know, I'm just having a moment of remembrance, jerk.
You: You're the jerk. Here's a URL where you can receive instructions on how to go fuck yourself.
Foot Ball Fan: Wait, let me get a pen.
You: BloggerBew-
Foot Ball Fan: I said let me get a pen, jerk.
You: You're the jerk.
Foot Ball Fan: No you are.
You: You know, forget it, I'm not telling you the URL is
Foot Ball Fan: Oh come on, please?
You: Go to hell.

Scenario Three: Your Sister's First Communion
You: This is boring. I'm gonna go eat some pancakes.
The Pope: Look buster, I came all the way from wherever I live to see this, sit down.
You: Can I borrow your papal iPhone?
The Pope: Yes. As you see, my browser's home page is
You: Oh. I was going to tell you about that site actually.
The Pope: Really? Well, beat you to it.
You: Is that 'Tippi' Hedren on your iPhone's wallpaper?
The Pope: She could have really been something.

Don't worry though, existing links to the blog (twistending.blogspot) will still work, but remember the new url,