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Series 2000 #11 Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls

Series 2000 11 Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls

Front Tagline: Dead but not buried...

Brief Synopsis:
Spencer loves imagination and writing. Naturally, Spencer is not very popular. Inspired by a short story about fictional graveyard ghouls penned by Spencer, his teacher Mrs. Webster plans a class field trip to the local cemetery to do rubbings. She must have sent home one heck of a persuasive permission slip to pull off taking a classroom of kids to a graveyard for English class.

On the field trip to the cemetery, Spencer tries to impress his crush, Audra, by unzipping his jacket. For all his supposed imagination, this isn't quite the level of flirting I'd have expected. Unfortunately for Spencer, the most popular jerk in class, Frank, already has his sights set both on romancing Audra and tormenting Spencer. Spencer counters these efforts by suavely tripping over a gravestone. In doing so, he unwittingly unleashes the curse carved into the headstone of two teenage boys, Oswald and Martin Manse: DISTURB OUR REST AT YOUR OWN PERIL. Had he been about to perform turn-down service, this message might not have seemed so frightening, but as it is, Spencer is heroically scared shitless.

Having safely survived the field trip without endangering his peril, Spencer realizes he left his little brother's backpack in the graveyard. He had presumably borrowed the bright purple toddler's bag in an effort to emasculate himself, little knowing that Frank was already on it. With no other option save returning to the cemetery, Spencer does what anyone would do in this situation: He telephones the girl he likes and asks if she'd like to come with him because he's too scared to go alone. Boy, this kid could write a book on circling first.

On their way to the graveyard in the moonlit night, Audra tells Spencer that Frank phoned her right after he did and she told him they were headed to the cemetery. Golly, I wonder if he'll show up. Once in the cemetery, Spencer hears a strange voice calling out, "They're coming to get you, Barbara" "Give me back my head!" Oh look though, it wasn't a graveyard ghoul making the moans; it was the schoolyard cool, Frank. Audra runs for help as Frank and his buddies tie Spencer to a gravestone and leave him in the cemetery.

Okay, so far so good. A cemetery is a spooky setting and the book's not quite half-over. Being tied to a gravestone and left alone, that's a pretty compelling predicament. Surely this book will take this and run with it, right? Um, did you forget who wrote this? You'll all be relieved to know that interesting and effective scenarios aren't what Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls is invested in. Unbelievably, this book quickly turns into another body-switching story, as the spirit of one of the brothers takes over Spencer's tied-body. Spencer's spirit is kicked out and left to float over the cemetery. Spirit-Spencer watches as Audra, flanked by her parents, comes to untie the Ghoul-Spencer and take him back home.

From his spectral position, Spencer is greeted by the other dead denizens of the graveyard, who float up and tell him about the evil boy who just took over his body. Oswald and his brother Martin were childhood arsonists who burned up most of the town over a century ago, and that Spencer should probably not expect him to retreat to his grave without some effort. However, the spirits do let slip that there is one way for Spencer to get his body back, but it's a secret. The spirits then start spookily dancing in a classic "Oh Cool, I've seen Carnival of Souls too" moment.

This is followed by an even more gruesome scene. Spencer watches as a horde of graveyard rats descend upon a small bunny rabbit, devouring the small creature in a matter of seconds. Spencer looks down at the rats congregating in the fresh puddle of blood among the discarded bits of bone and thinks "Hey, that's the life for me!" Yes, Spencer descends down and takes over the body of a rat in order to escape the graveyard. This leads to several "Rat eats gross things" moments that would cause even Templeton to lose his appetite.

As Rat-Spencer makes his way back home in order to warn his parents that their son is not their son, he encounters his family cat. Just when things look bleak for the rat, Spencer trades bodies and inhabits the cat. Boy, after like, what, twenty books where something like this happens, it's pretty hard to pretend it's interesting. Thankfully the book makes up for this familiarity by just getting Cat Tornado-level insane in the last act.

Occupying the body of the family cat, Spencer tries to get his parents' attention. This doesn't work using conventional cat methods, and Spencer's more human attempt to write a letter to his parents explaining the whole situation fares no better. I'll let Spencer's dad take this one:
"Dumb cat. It's a little late to be playing with pens."
Unfortunately for Spencer, the Ghoul-Spencer recognizes that Spencer's spirit is inside the cat. He tells the cat that he has no intention of going back to the cemetery. Then he just gets really selfish and starts complaining about how lame Spencer's body is and how the first opportunity he gets, he's going to upgrade to a better body and just destroy Spencer's used body. You know, I don't think I like undead teenage murderers.

Ghoul-Spencer locks the cat in a wooden crate and throws him down into the basement. A spider crawls into the crate and Spencer escapes once more. Yawn. Let's speed this up to the good parts. Spider-Spencer makes his way upstairs and takes over the body of his little brother Jason. Using his new human body, Spencer trots over to Audra's house to convince her of his predicament. Only when he looks into her eyes, he can see that she's either a graveyard ghoul or starring in an episode of the X-Files, as her irises have turned black. Realizing that the other brother must have taken over Audra's body in the cemetery, he races back to rescue her.

On his way to the cemetery, he sees Ghoul-Spencer wreaking a line of destruction down the street. Several cars and houses are on fire. A cop tries to shoot Ghoul-Spencer but Spencer-Jason distracts the police officer in an attempt to save his body. Ghoul-Spencer rushes off into the darkness and Spencer-Jason races to the graveyard. He tries to communicate with Audra while simultaneously fending off hundreds of spirits who want to inhabit Jason's body. Spencer finally gets Audra to inhabit the body of a stray black lab. In the rush to leave the cemetery though, Spencer-Jason accidentally trips over another headstone. Fearing what wrath he's incurred this time, he reads the cryptic message carved in stone: "Defeat Death Only By Living." Spencer dismisses this curse as too artsy and the boy and the dog race out of the graveyard.

Okay, remember when I said the book gets crazy? The destruction has gotten far worse, as Ghoul-Spencer, now joined by Ghoul-Audra, have stolen axes from the firemen and are now racing down the street, chopping up cars and windows before setting fire to the houses. Two preteens racing down a street and swinging axes is an admittedly perverse and interesting image, and unbelievably the book only gets weirder. Ghoul-Spencer sets fire to Frank's house and waits for him to come out so he can steal his body. He then gleefully tells Spencer-Jason that he's going to throw Spencer's body into the housefire and watch it burn. Spencer-Jason tries to convince him to watch one of those DVDs that show a roaring fireplace instead, but to no end.

Spencer-Jason somehow distracts him from making the switch and Ghoul-Spencer and Ghoul-Audra instead rush off to Spencer's house. Ghoul-Audra breaks all the exterior windows and Ghoul-Spencer breaks open the door to the family's home. As Spencer's family cowers in fear, begging for mercy, the two ghouls begin hacking everything inside the house to pieces. Spencer-Jason sics the Audra dog at the Ghoul-Spencer. Ghoul-Spencer picks up the dog and hurtles it across the room and into the wall. Now that's what I call playing ruff!

Okay, remember how I already said the book gets crazy and then I told you guys about all the crazy stuff that happened? Still not the craziest part. In the midst of all this violence, Jason's spirit shows up and demands being let back into his body. As Spencer-Jason wrestles against Jason reentering his body, Jason's body starts spastically jerking and wailing in rhythm. During the fight, Spencer-Jason notices that the two ghouls have stopped their mayhem and are doubled over in pain. This is when Spencer-Jason realizes that the ghouls are being tormented by his dancing. Thinking back to the gravestone he toppled, he realizes that the best way to show life is to dance. Spencer-Jason begins dancing wildly and enthusiastically. He even grabs the poor dog and starts dancing with the it out in the street. This is like the worst novelization of a Gene Kelly movie I've ever read.

But the Twist is:
The dancing causes the ghouls' spirits to leave the bodies of the children and everyone tries to go back to their correct bodies. Unfortunately, Audra and Spencer end up in each other's bodies, seemingly forever-- though that's probably only a bad turn of events for one of them.

the Platonic Boy-Girl Relationship:
Spencer and his crush Audra, who disappears into a dog two-thirds of the way through the novel.

Questionable Teaching:
Mrs. Webster took the kids she liked to hang out in the graveyard. She did class rubbings, she learned you never had to press hard.

Oh Cool
I've read Goosebumps too.

RL Stine Shows He is Down With the Kids:
Early in the novel, a food fight erupts at the dinner table. What is it with RL Stine and this notion that food fights are something that exist? Arsonist ghosts who take over the bodies of children, sure. But kids throwing food at each other? GIMME A BREAK. But seriously, I've eaten food before, and often in the company of other people, and I've never witnessed this phenomenon. I'm of course talking about the arsonist ghosts taking over the bodies of children

Vomit Alert:
Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls was the first Series 2000 book to not feature vomit. Which is a good thing, because there's pretty much only one Chuck I'm Up on:

Memorable Cliffhanger Chapter Ending:
Ch. 3/4:
A hand reaches up from the ground and grabs Spencer's ankle. Only no, it was... nothing. And is never later revealed to be anything. Kind of makes me long for the days when Stine at least tried to come up with something. Well, since he couldn't be bothered to make something up, I'll heed the call-- It wasn't really a corpse's hand that brushed against Spencer's ankle, it was.... THE HORN OF A UNICORN!

Great Prose Alert:
"He must have been a bad dude," Audra replied thoughtfully.


Axe-assisted arson aside, how many times am I going to have to read the same book?


Unknown said...

Funny as hell. I was sure the dog was going to vomit this time, and I can honestly say I'm shocked that it didn't. I guess Stine met his quota or something. Also, what time of day is best for playing with pens?

troy steele said...

When the ghouls are bent over in pain from the dancing, they clutch their stomachs, so I kept waiting for the vomiting that never came. Maybe it got cut so Stine could fit in that scene with bats. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, there's another a scene with bats

Anonymous said...

"Mrs. Webster took the kids she liked to hang out in the graveyard. She did class rubbings, she learned you never had to press hard."

I never expected B&S in a blogger beware post... Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

is he a bad enough dude to save the president?

Anonymous said...

Great entry, but a solid 10/10 for the Pushing Daisies nod.

Anonymous said...

i hope i'm not the only one who thought of the awesome N64 game 'Space Station Silicon Valley' when reading about Spencer's body swapping.

Zak said...

Awesome. I was trying to remember how this one ended. BTW Troy, just for the record, now that this entry is done, what was the last line in this book?

I might ask that following future entries.

troy steele said...

"Uh... Audra," I said, tossing back my black hair. "I think we made a little mistake. What do we do now?"

Ryan Ferneau said...

Also, what time of day is best for playing with pens?

I wonder if "pens" was a typo.

Groggy Dundee said...

Not bad. I have only faint memories of this one, as I only read it once or twice. Can't wait for Brain Juice.

Anonymous said...

I'm hotly anticipating "Jekyll and Heidi", there's a bone chilling "chowder for dinner" scene to look out for.

Stine really managed to nail the post-modernist fears of his readers in that one. :o

Zak said...


Oh hells mother fucking yes. I forgot Brain Juice was next, that was by far one of my favorites in the series from what I remember... third person following two groups... okay, think I said enough.

Also you know how the main character always has a "gimmick" involving a weakness, well, I remember when Brain Juice first came out it seemed like a gimmick that hadn't been used before.

Anonymous said...

Another book with a completely misleading cover, it makes it seem like the artist only knew the books title and not it's plot.

Anonymous said...

Oh gods, I remember this. Brilliant stuff. The wave of destruction unleashed by two pre-teens is hilarious. If Goosebumps can't be scary, being weird is the least it can do to make up for it.

I have read all of the next four 2000 books and I look forward to every one of them. Wait, actually, I don't remember Brain Juice too well, but since R.L. says it's one of his favourites, I'm sure there's much to anticipate.

Anonymous said...

Re: Misleading covers: I think publishers do that sometimes, they just commission a cover but only give the illustrator a title or a brief extract because at the time the book hasn't yet been finished. Staying topical, I think the cover for Brain Juice is just like a brain being covered in juice or something, and I'm not confident of its relevance to the plot. Goosebumps HorrorLand seems... ambiguously better at this; #1, #3 and #5 are composites or abstract, and you wouldn't expect them to be accurate, but #2 and #4 are true to the text while also depicting events that didn't really happen. The same rules probably apply to the next three; no way do I expect to see mummies ringing doorbells, and there were no skeletons in the last two Say Cheese And Die books either.

Anonymous said...

What is Stine's obsession with killing animals? I find it really upsetting. Dead humans are fine, but don't kill the pets!

Anonymous said...

The Fear Street blogs have taught me that Stine apparently has some kind of fixation on pet murder. I recall there being some hot pet-killing action in Jekyll & Heidi, too.

Groggy Dundee said...

There's a lot of monsters eating animals too, you'll note. Brain Juice (our next entry) has at least one instance of such. Full Moon Fever has a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys who's Birthday it is today. Guess.
Don;t Know? R.L Stine's! Lets wish this great Weirdo a Happy Birthday

Anonymous said...

Some of these goosebumps are so bad that one day i Said to myself"I Can do better than that!" So i did.
I've made up a bunch of story's R.l Stine should have tried when had the chance. I've also came up with some great taglines for them. Some of the titles are(and taglines are):
The Haunted Doll(Child's Play!)
The Haunted Doll II(She's Back)
The Haunted Motorcycle
The Haunted Bike
My Dad Is A Murderer(Like Father Like Murder)
It Came from the Television(Stay Tuned-To Die)
The Haunted Website(Just go to www.haunted.com
I Dated A Vampire(It's Love At First Bite!)
My Sister Went Out With A Ghost
Werewolf School
Vampire Town(The Town Of The Dead)
My Best Friend Rick(With Friends Like These...)
The Ghost Of Santa Clause(Ho Ho Die)
Attack Of The Zombies(I See Undead People)
Night Of The Living Nick
The Cannibal(Eat Or Be Eaten!)
The Manhunt(The Hunter Has Become the Hunted)
The Quiet Librarian(Talk About Silent Treatment)
Zombie Movie
School Spirit(We Got Spirit Lets Hear It)
Ghost Bully(He Brings The Pain)
The Haunted Hair(Eddy's having a REALLY bad hair day)
The Curse Of Camp Everwood(Just when you thought there wouldn't be a camp book)
The Employe(Have Death YOUR way)
The Wild Boar
The Ghost Of Eddy
I was a Teenage Vampire
That's ALOT huh?

Ryan Ferneau said...

Staying topical, I think the cover for Brain Juice is just like a brain being covered in juice or something, and I'm not confident of its relevance to the plot.

Right, it's just something to take symbolically. But the tagline, "A mind is a terrible thing to drink," makes no sense at all and is therefore hilarious.

(We should probably save any more discussion of that until next week, though.)

Anonymous said...

To take symbolically, ryan, or to take as lazy and unaware of the book's actual plot? Although I appreciate that it can be hard, if not impossible, to tell the difference. Was the eponymous fluid the correct colour on the cover? I don't remember.

Re: List of books Stine should have written: Some of those sound more like Fear Street or Are You Afraid Of The Dark? And Bill Watterson has The Haunted Bike covered.

Anonymous said...

non related to this book, but i just saw this tattoo and thought of this whole blog thing:


Anonymous said...

Re:Re: List of books Stine should have written: Which ones sound like fear street and AYAOTD? Also About ther haunted bike, That is a sequel to my other story:The haunted motorcycle
Plus not only is the bike haunted,the bike kills people. Like in that episode of billy and Mandy

Ryan Ferneau said...

How do I gain authorization to view that?

Anonymous said...

scarynow: I think that there actually was an episode of AYAotD? called "The Quiet Librarian," for example. Well, "The tale of the." And "The Employee" sounds Fear Street, as most of its titles seem to be "The X." Bikes that kill people: Yeah, Bill Watterson has it covered. Similarly, anything with murder in the title or implied grisly death lies kinda outside the realm of Goosebumps, which tends to have ghosts but not corpses, except the odd dead animal in the later books. Oh, and dating. Goosebumps usually steers clear of that.

Anonymous said...

To those of you discussing the cover art ordeal:

I was lucky enough to come across a copy of "It Came from New Jersey!" at a local thrift store the other day (it's similar to "It Came from Ohio!", but it talks more about the art process than Tim Jacobus' life or upbringing...)

Anyway, he explained that for each title, Scholastic faxed him a 'short plot synopsis' and a vague description of what the cover should depict. From the picture he showed, it was blurry but it looked like the entire fax is about 3 or 4 short paragraphs.

Other fun facts:
-Tim Jacobus started off drawing food for grocery store ads.
-He's only met RL Stine a few times.
-It usually takes about 5 days to finish a cover, but he had to draw A Night in Terror Tower in one night.
-A lot of people featured prominently on cover art are actually based on friends he photographs to find the right pose...for The Haunted Mask, he had his niece hold up a rubber mask, then traced it.
-Not surprisingly, he's obsessed with Converse All-Star High-tops.
-For each cover, he usually draws around 30 thumbnail sketches, then picks his 3-4 favorites, redoes them to add more detail, then sends them to the editor and art director at Scholastic, who decide which one will be the final cover.

Anonymous said...

That's actually really interesting to know; thanks. I know Troy's planning on doing a full review of It Came From New Jersey! sometime, at which point I recall he's going to do a cover retrospective. I look forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it was an AMAZING find for a Goosebumps fan.
Don't get super-excited though...it's not some big fat book. It's only about 60 pages in length. And it's very cool to hear another angle of how a Goosebumps book gets made (considering that we don't really know how the production process goes).
There is an alternate cover to the first Triple Header book, and black-n-white pictures of other possible covers for Creature Teacher, but nothing that's super-shocking to find out.

It makes you wonder though. How many Goosebumps books were partially written, or thought about, and then never used? Just thrown away. Alternate versions of cover art, different endings, 'deleted' scenes.

THAT shit would be really amazing to get your hands on.

Anonymous said...

Well, there was going to be a "Goosebumps Gold" series after 2000 - there were three book titles announced, and a synopsis for the first one. And the original plot summaries for HorrorLand #4 and #5 ended up scrapped, too. They're all on Wikipedia, but I might as well say - Gold: "The Haunted Mask Lives!" (the mask shop owner was out for real faces, including Carly-Beth's, and the cover art showed Carly-Beth tearing the Haunted Mask apart), "Happy Holidays From Dead House," and "Slappy New Year." HorrorLand: #4 "The Scream of the Haunted Mask" was to feature a mansion full of haunted masks in which Carly-Beth would have to spend a night, and in the original synopsis for #5 "Dr. Maniac vs. Robby Schwartz," the protagonist and his brother's roles were basically switched around (and if you've read the book, you'd know this wouldn't make much sense considering how it actually turned out). There are also rumours of a scrapped 2000 or Gold book called "The Incredible Shrinking Fifth Grader" that was going to be part of a sort of proto-HorrorLand series.

I'm really interested in scrapped ideas, be they art or plot, too. I grew up with a series where the author basically changed his mind about the plot every book, so it was a relevant concern.

Amy Lynn said...

Oh man, you outdid yourself here, Troy. I laughed until I cried. Gene Kelly, Pushing Daisies, and Charlotte's Web references just added to the hilarity provided by your excellent recap of this off-the-wall story. Man, I love this blog.

Anonymous said...

I own this book, and for some reason I thought it was better than the review made it. Obviously my mind is playing tricks on me. How could I have liked that?
Along the lines of the cover art, I don't think Tim Jacobus did the 2000 series covers.
Side-note, I can't wait for this apparent Goosebumps film, haha.

Anon e Mouse Jr. said...

Anonymous said: "I'm really interested in scrapped ideas, be they art or plot, too. I grew up with a series where the author basically changed his mind about the plot every book, so it was a relevant concern."

Which series was that?

Until next time...

Anon e Mouse Jr.

Anonymous said...

Looked it up, and Jacobus did do 2000; it's a different style to the originals, sure (and the Gold covers on his website look a little different still), but it's the same guy. HorrorLand, though, is done by someone new.

Anon E. Mouse: It was A Series Of Unfortunate Events. The series suffers / enjoys the benefit of major retconning.

Groggy Dundee said...

The Horrorland Covers are very ugly, and the Scholastic hacks add insult to injury by redoing the covers of the classic books in the new style. I have to say, I hate Slappy's new look in particular. The cover of the original Night of the Living Dummy gave me nightmares as a kid. Jacobus showed a great deal of talent with the original series covers, in my opinion.

Thanks for the info on Mr. Jacobus. Troy said he's planning to do a retrospective of series covers for his review of the book in question, so that would be something interesting.

Stacy said...

I got to "cop tries to shoot Ghoul-Spencer but Spencer-Jason distracts the police officer in an attempt to save his body" and decided I had better get a brain-boosting snack. Still didn't help, I deem the book worthy of a w
I love you, by the way. Marry me and unleash a legion of snark forever?

Anonymous said...

We'd better get an update tonight, Troy, or I'm gonna riot.

troy steele said...

Cool your jets, Sharks. Not only are you getting a new entry tonite, you're getting a very special update

John said...

Haha West side story.
Brain Juice, EFF YES!
can't wait...

Anonymous said...

Whoever mentioned the Goosebumps Gold series (aka Anonymous #Whatever), I definitely wouldn't trust what Wikipedia has to say about Goosebumps.
I've seen some very inconsistent information about Goosebumps pop up on there, such as a list of 'unaired' Goosebumps episodes that never, ever went into production. It started off with only a few episodes, but then grew to include almost every single book that was never produced for TV.
As I've said, Goosebumps fans are split into two groups: nostalgic adults who used to be bratty kids, AND BRATTY KIDS. Given internet access, you think 10-year-olds don't get kicks out of making stuff up online?

Groggy Dundee said...

How special we talkin' here?

troy steele said...

Well not special at all anymore because I decided to do what I was gonna do on another book. But this entry will still be funny. Several good laughs will be had

Groggy Dundee said...

You tease.

Anonymous said...

You're such a tease, Troy.

Zak said...

Have you already read all of them Troy?

I mean, enough to decide what book you're going to do this thing for.

Anyway... better be an update, and it better damn well be Brain Juice. The Beast can happen just ANY time but in place of Brain Juice week.

Groggy Dundee said...

I'm with Zak. I have to go until Horrors of the Black Ring before there's another book I've actually read.

troy steele said...

No, but I'll know when I read the book though. Fortunately this one was juicy enough to sustain a regular entry

Groggy Dundee said...

BRAIN Juicy, even?

Groggy Dundee said...

Before we move on to Brain Juice, just want to address this comment:

>She must have sent home one heck of a persuasive permission slip to pull off taking a classroom of kids to a graveyard for English class.

I actually did that in fourth grade English class...

Zak said...

You know, right now this blog is the only thing I'm anticipating besides the release of Saw V. So, hurry it up will ya.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, lemme tell YOU somethin’ mister. Lemme tell you a thing or two, mister. I’m gonna come out there, I’m gonna rent me a room… and they’re gonna be rentin’ a clinic for the night, when I’m done poundin’ on ya. You’re gonna be talkin’ to my foot. After I fix it in your cheek.

Uhhh, my fists know what they’re sayin’, and they’re gonna be sayin’ it rather loudly to your face, how’s that SOUND? Huh? You’re gonna be talkin’ to the ground, after you’re layin’ on it. Yeah, you’ll be there, but your lips ain’t leavin’. ‘Cause they’re gonna be on the ground. Yeah, I’m gonna bust your teeth.

I’m way TOO tough, as a matter of fact. Yeah, you’re gonna meet up with my, my goat, he’s a kid, I’m gonna, I’m gonna leash him. I got a whip. Yeah, I’m gonna come over with a brick, take it to your FACE. How’s that sound?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Zak.

Christmas is a long time off, and the only other thing to keep me sane in the meantime is The Blog and Survivor.

Maybe we should start a support group. Something like "Alcoholics Anonymous", except for people with lame lives.

Anonymous said...

patrick, re: Wikipedia: The Goosebumps Gold material is nearly all verifiable, by entries on marketing websites and indeed Tim Jacobus's own website. We try to keep a close eye on the bratty kid edits.

Anonymous said...

I'm a wee bit confused about something: When possessed, Spencer and Audra were going around causing all kinds of chaos. So it seems to me that afterward, once they're back in their own bodies, that they'd suddenly be in a lot of trouble (unless they were never recognized or something). I was actually expecting THAT to be part of the twist...though I will say I felt this was a pretty good twist, I liked it more than the one at the end of The Barking Ghost.

Anonymous said...

You know what bothered me about the ending? How he figures out he's in the wrong body. Okay, it's a kid's book, so it's acceptable that he wouldn't realize by noticing the, erm, different physical attributes. My problem is that he says OUT LOUD that he's glad they managed it, and then doesn't figure it out until he notices he's wearing different clothes. Um, what? Shouldn't he have noticed his voice was drastically different as soon as he said something, and figure it out that way?

Robyn said...

Pushing Daisies! Man I miss that show.
Great review as always :)

Anonymous said...

Aside from taking a moment to realize that he's in the wrong body..

As someone mentioned before, they going to be in a lot of trouble for the destruction that was caused..

and more importantly... why is it suddenly impossible to jump out of body again?
they were doing it just fine with all the animals and jumping into his own brother's body and out and all that stuff sooooo.... did I miss something?

Good blog entry though..

shin said...

i really want to read your Synopsis, but i think they're all too long and hurts my eyes since the background is plain white. . . -_-

Allison said...

Was I the only one really creeped out at how quickly it occurred to Spencer to possess his younger brother? "Gee, I need a body that can talk... meh, I'll just steal my brother's. He's not a main character anyway."

Anonymous said...

Sooo.. Two pretends rampage throughout town burning down buildings with one of them nearly killing their whole family and not one policeman after all this arrests them? Spencer deserves this I mean he decided wow! think I should possess my younger brother to stop a duo of axe murders/arsonists